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The Journal of Random Results

Quirks of the universe and happy excerpts of life

Dave (aka Dr. ZRFQ)
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Most of the time I go by "Dave." In the SCA I'm Evan da Collaureo. "Dr. ZRFQ" is an old acronym for me that has fallen into disuse. The "Dr." part has nothing to do with medicine, rather it refers to an honorary Doctor of Trombonology degree jokingly bestowed on me by my fellow 'bone player Earl in high school; the moniker stuck.

I play the trombone and other brass instruments, flute and various recorders, and keyboards. I also sing, usually the basso profundo parts, but can also do baritone, or 2nd tenor if you're really desperate and have the right bribes. (If you want me to sing first tenor you've got to get me REALLY plastered first.) The section motto for basses is "We Got It" -- just ask anyone from Alle Psallite or the 2004-05-06 Pennsic Choirs. In the Atlantian Combat Choir I'm a Siege Bass. Since, like all Siege Basses, I can generate serious volume, it should be no surprise to SCAdians that I'm also a herald.

I grew up in West Orange NJ, home of the Edison Labs. (Click here for more data than you ever wanted to know about West Orange) My dad was transferred to Allentown PA, where I went to high school. My parents still live there.

I'm an alumnus of the College of William and Mary and was in both the Choir and Band there; I'm now active with the W&M Alumni Band. I was also in the W&M Science Fiction and Fantasy Club (see wm_skiffy). Later I went to the University of Virginia to get my Master's, found the SCA there (Shire of Isenfir), and sang with the University Singers. Later I moved back to Williamsburg and helped start the SCA branch on the W&M campus (College of Rencester).</p>

These days I carry out my existence on the nominally Virginia side of the Washington D.C. FedroSplat, and do a fair bit of SCA stuff with my current home barony of Stierbach. I'm a brother in Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity and charter member of the D.C. Area Alumni Association thereof.

(In case you were wondering: Yes, the title of my blog is a sideways reference to that classic fount of silliness, the Journal of Irreproducible Results.)

I'll post some more info here when I have more time; in other words, This bio still under construction....


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